To our beloved brother and sister in Christ:

Dr. Varun Laohaprasit MD (known as Dr. Lao or Pastor Lao) has a professional background as a neurosurgeon and is one of the best and top doctor in Bellevue, Washington. While practicing neurosurgery, he saw many of his patients were miraculously and powerfully healed by God. Pastor Lao and his wife, Pastor Da, are co-founder and senior pastors of New Hope International Church in Bellevue, Washington. Pastor Lao is called as the “spiritual father” who carries the “Fire of God” that changes and transforms lives and led so many souls into the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Lao was born in Bangkok, Thailand. He had 6 siblings and was the 5th child in his family. While growing up, he excelled in academic years and was a top student while attending a very prestigious “Assumption Catholic School”. During high school years, Pastor Lao met his future wife, Pastor Da. They both were not born again Christians at the time.
Throughout his academic years, he enjoyed sports, acquired a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He is also musically inclined and is skilled in playing drums in his rock and roll band. At the age of 16, his curiosity draws him to search deeper into spiritual realm by seeking meditation and practicing other forms of black magic in order to find true enlightenment. But to no avail, none of those can offer him true fulfillment, contentment and enlightenment. After graduating from high school, he got accepted into a very prestigious medical school in Thailand. By the grace of God, Pastor Lao graduated number one and receive a gold medal in his class from the King at Chulalongkorn Royal University Medical School in Bangkok, Thailand. On the other hand, Pastor Da also graduated from Chulalongkorn University in accounting.

In 1980, pastor Lao and pastor Da went to Seattle and Los Angeles for their honeymoon after they got married. It was for the very first time, that they both heard about the gospel. As brand new believers and born again Christians in the Kingdom of God, they desired to know God more. They devoted themselves to attend Bible study groups and they both grew in their faith in serving and knowing the Word of God. Later on, they moved to the province of Chantaburi. They were led by a missionary couple by the name of pastor Dan and Fan Cobb from Kentucky, USA. After practicing as a neurosurgeon and serving in the Baptist Church in the Eastern part of Thailand, they were appointed as pastoral leadership of the church.

God has prepared both of them for greater works that God has planned for their lives. In 1985, the two of them and their oldest daughter, Tanida moved to Seattle, Washington. Pastor Lao came to the United States in 1985 to study at the University of Washington School of Medicine where he became a Chief Resident. At the same time, he felt called and compelled by God to start a church in Seattle. One night, God spoke to Pastor Lao to “take care of My sheep” in the midst of beginning his medical practice in a new and foreign land. In January 1988, pastor Lao stepped out in faith to start the church in the basement of his North Seattle home with only a few new converts. Later the church moved from the basement of their house to Seattle Pacific University. As time passed by, the church grew in number. In 1997, the church found its permanent location in Mercer Island. God has revealed to them many things in the spiritual realm starting in 1995. Pastor Lao and pastor Da realized that they both have come to an end of their own effort. It was during that time that God moved in pastor Lao’s heart to seek the deeper things of God and introduced him to the Fire of the Holy Spirit. At the time, pastor Lao taught, trained and discipled members. He responded to God’s calling by attending many of the Revival Meetings in other parts of the cities in the United States. But the most important thing of all is that pastor Lao and pastor Da each have personal experience that was touched by the Fire of God several times. Every time they got touched by the Fire of God, their lives and ministry were transformed in another level of ministry.

In 2003, pastor Lao advanced his teaching by introducing digital recordings and the use of technology in order to produce the audio and CD teaching. People all over the world can search the teachings of the Word of God through the access of internet and the use of social media which is free of charge. Many people have copied and reproduced the teaching in order to give to friends and family members to listen to God’s Word. In this way, the good news and the truth of God were spread and the Fire of God was able to spread all over the world very quickly. The testimonies on how God had set so many people free from evil spirits and bondages were received through the CD teachings. Pastor Lao was invited to go visit many Christian brothers and sisters in different countries. Pastor Lao’s vision is to prepare the church to be the bride of Christ that is full of glory and holiness. He has walked in this vision and anointing for many years, and it became his calling, his mission and ministry. Pastor Lao stepped out in faith and from a willing heart he became a spiritual father for many churches that is under his care and teaching. He has trained up many leaders to rise up to serve God so that the calling of God will be fulfilled in their lives. They will grow as a church that is full of glory and holiness.

1 Corinthians 4:15 says, “Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel.” Pastior Lao’s prayer is to see the church of Jesus Christ living in the truth and in His Glory. The love and the power of God will help believers discover who they are in Christ. They will receive the fullness and super-abundance through the Father and run the race to finish it victoriously through Christ Jesus.